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About Us

Pigging good Pork is a family business run by Geoff and Mary, daughter and husband Sarah and Gwyndaf.

Teyrdan Hall Farm built in the 1500's is the perfect setting for our rare breed pigs, pedigree welsh black cattle and texel & shropshire sheep

The goal we have achieved is produce quality and not quantity, which means the stock have more individual attention, superb living conditions all year round. Silage and hay produced on the 100 acre farm.

The pigs are mainly kept in and around the 30acres of hard wood woodland and enjoy seasonal treats such as crab apples and acorns!

The stress free life style means when the time comes HAPPY MEAT. A frequent comment from our customers.

When it comes to road miles........put it this way the diesel bill isn't very high!

Our aim is to help preserve the rare breed pigs, so as well as the meat production we breed pure pedigree pigs and the most correct of these are retained to sell on as quality breeding stock. We always have stock for sale